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Ask Seller a Question. Dust Jacket Condition: New. The reader is taken through the stages of his life as he chalks out a plan for achieving freedom for India, as he zealously contributes to the Swadeshi and Boycott movements in opposition to the partition of Bengal and popularises the battle cry Vande Mataram, as he paves the way for more radical nationalism within the ranks of the Indian National Congress amongst the many others events.

The book offers a different perspective to the life of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh. Infused with the spark of the radical nationalism that rose in India during the late 's and early 's, the book is a must read for any enthusiast of Indian history. Review by Rajesh Kumar For a person like me who is familiar with Aurobindo's work as a great yogic philosopher only, the story of his adventurous activism for India's freedom told by Arup Mitra was informative.

His novel 'Uttara Yogi' shows how Aurobindo popularised 'Vande Mataram' as a rallying cry, initiated the swadeshi and boycott movements to oppose Bengal's partition and even organised an armed insurrection against the British rulers. The title of the novel that means 'yogi from the North' is based on the mysterious prophecy of a saint about Aurobindo. The novelist has included other incidents too that intrigue the readers. In one such episode, the jailors see Aurobindo outside the prison cell.

Later they saw him inside the cell doing meditation. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies. Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Newsletter Signup. See more of Uttara Yoga Studio on Facebook.

Uttara Yogi

Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Angels, Guides and Teachers. But from the very beginning; I had a strong sense that it was going to be okay And in everything I did, there was guidance; even the silly, simple things. And one day in particular, I had a small block of time to finish outfitting the place; hired a sitter to watch the kids, time was precious. As I got in the car, a little inner voice talked to me and instructed me in these mundane tasks, advising where to go, and what to buy.

But this day, it was like I was on a mission; from place to place, finding precisely what I needed at the price I needed it to be. Cruising toward I , my little voice tells me to exit the road and take the longer way. So, as I have done more times than I wish to count, I ignored this voice. What the heck, really?! Like it's my ex-husband or something?! This whole exchange took mere moments, and as I merged onto , rounded the bend, and saw that traffic had come to a standstill, I understood.

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There had been an accident. And so, there I was; stuck in traffic, because of my stubbornness. Would love to say that I learned my lesson; that I always following my intuition; and that my inner voice and I have established a clear and visible connection; but that is not true.

Yogi Adityanath turns 47, leaders extend birthday wishes

Sometimes my head has a cacophony of voices; sometimes, I still deny what my heart and wisdom tell me. Sometimes I do nothing; or take the easy way out. But I am aware, and I am trying; every day; to hone that inner wisdom and to listen listen listen to the angels, the guides and teachers who surround me and support me. Perhaps it all comes down to having a little faith. Camella Nair will be at Uttara! This month, I am excited to be bringing one of my teachers to Uttara. It is not an understatement to say that her guidance helped to significantly shape my path as a yoga teache Her special gift is the way that the teachings just flow through her; her vast knowledge of yoga, and specifically Kriya yoga, are just a part of her nature.

She also has the most beautiful chanting voice and a total no-nonsense way of bringing forth the teachings. Honest, forthright, blunt, true; Camella lays it all out, and in a language that you can actually perceive and understand. Yoga is an oral tradition; it was never intended for written material or books; something is always lost in translation when you write the teachings down, in the same way that a picture is worth a thousand words. Just their very vibration in proximity to yours allows a shift in consciousness. The yoga poses, meditation, philosophy and discussion will connect back and weave into this theme, and will be accessible to student of all levels.

Each workshop stands alone, and you can take only one or all.

Call or email me with questions! Jill UttaraYogaStudio. Info on the workshops is below! Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October Camella Nair: Yoga of the Three Bodies -- Join us for a special weekend immersion into hatha yoga, meditation, mantra and discussion on navigating the chakras, nadis and koshas of the subtle energy body. You will also learn techniques on how to purify and balance energy from the Kriya Yoga tradition.

Uttara Yogi by Arup Mitra | Waterstones

Workshops can be taken individually; all are accessible for students of all levels. Camella Swami Nibhrtananda is an ordained Swami within the Kriya Yoga lineage, author of two books, recording artist and mentor.

Uttar Pradesh

She teaches yoga, meditation and offers Ayurvedic body therapies in the South bay area of California. Saturday, October 9. To understand and learn about subtle anatomy and the energy body is to delve deeper into the science of yoga and take more control of your life. This class will be a discourse followed by asanas yoga poses that specifically affect certain chakras. My New Teacher. Meet my new teacher; it's a Cannondale mountain bike.

Was thinking of getting a road bike, now that all three children can ride. Went to Just the Right Gear in Salem; they had been so patient and helpful when I bought a bike for my daughter. After a talk with the owner, I chose a mountain bike with tires that would let me occasionally road bike.

Bikes have changed! And, mountain biking is different from road biking; the first time I came upon a rock, I squished my eyes shut preparing to get dumped; and instead, just flew right over that sucker. Mountain biking gets me out in nature; gives me a feeling of freedom and ease; is great exercise; and there are no worries of traffic or crazy car drivers. On my very first ride I was sucking wind; not used to riding; and two of my friends zipped off in a little friendly competition. Another rider hung back with me, introduced himself and we started to talk. Now, I totally get that.

There are so many amazing metaphors between life and riding the bike.

But don't let the mind get distracted, or think about your grocery list. Out of nowhere obstacles appear; a root, a rock, a low-hanging tree, and BAM, down you go. Multi-tasking is overrated. You just get on through it, and keep moving.


Riding with my friends has helped me to see how often I put myself down in my mind and out loud ; apologizing for not keeping up, or for struggling with a portion of the path; or for having to get off and walk the bike up a hill or through the mud. Why do I struggle to accept their kindness and their help?

Recently while making several attempts to jump a log pile, I got a little scraped and bruised up. Patience vs. In order to work with the current cycles, I have been spending some time going back through my journals. In my journals I came across an entry from about a year ago where my sister disciple, Gra And THAT reminded me of the little lump in my foot. See, on the top of my right foot, this odd little hard lump showed up; it was hard, like bone, and right under the skin.

It got large enough to stick out, and it really looked icky; it also made it hurt to sit on my feet, which as a yoga teacher, I do a LOT. So, I decided to use this technique on my little lump.

‘Manage Uttar Pradesh first’: Mamata’s dig at Yogi’s Bengal rally

I probably used the technique for a month and a half; really, no more than that, and not even daily. And, right away, I got impatient with the process. Five times; no change; fifteen, twenty times; and my lump, still the same. Not visible to the eye. The long vigil for the Uttara Yogi begins.

Soon, he chalks out his programme for achieving the independence of India. He also strives to put an end to the moderate policies of the Congress by replacing it with nationalism. Secretly, he initiates an armed insurrection to overthrow the British by establishing a bomb factory in his ancestral garden house of Muraripukur, exposure of which leads to the infamous Alipore Bomb Trial. WeII-researched and craftily woven, Uttura Yogi is a remarkable historical novel, taking the reader back to pre-independent India through a tale of patriotism, adventure, love and betrayal, revealing through a multitude of characters episodes and experiences, the true identity of the Uttara Yogi.

About the Author Arup Mitra is an artist by profession. He was art instructor at Lycee Francais de Pondichery and presently teaches art at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Settled in Puducherry, his keen interest in Sri Aurobindo led him to write this novel. Preface Uttara Yogi is a work of fiction in which the creation and portrayal of the characters, the plot and the narrative thread are products of the author's imagination.

But this does not mean that everything in the novel is fictitious.