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In an instant, he was by her side with a hand gripping her arm tightly. And I, lounging on my bed in the apartment below, frowned at my ceiling and wondered if a fight was going down. Will it kill you? Will it fucking kill ya to have a partner? Then he gave a long, deflated sigh and tried to put his arms around her. She shoved him away violently. This is for your own protection, Mel. She gazed at the water the pasta had boiled in. As much as she wanted him to burn, she knew what I would say.

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Shoving past him, she grabbed her phone, keys, mini-wallet and black hoodie that displayed the words Hood Rich on the back, and held open the door for her chief without a word. The streets were bright with white skies overhead when they got out of the apartment block. Jae, the sincerest of the whole group, smiled at her.

Carmela to extra care not to encourage him.

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Is Rain invisible or what? She gave him a Chinese burn for the liberty. I guess they all thought Din had it coming. She a sweet chick. Carmela did a double take. You rapists. Rain laughed scornfully. Carmela gave Seven a black look and turned her head to watch the neat Torino streets go by. She noticed Din kept glancing at her in the rear-view mirror and it was making her on edge; her Dad had died in a car accident, and following that she was heavily critical of whoever drove the car she was in.

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Get me a blonde bitch, pleeease! But serious, can we stop at McDonalds? Carmela threw herself out of the vehicle the moment it was still. The outdoor asphalt basketball courts were a popular spot for kids to hang and stood right beside the most popular concrete park in Torino. The actual hoop was rusting and looked ready to drop, but as long as you had a ball it was all good. Carmela breathed a sigh.

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  7. Her best childhood memories took place on these courts, this hard ground. Ma's house was only ten minutes away. Just accept that they exist and may occasionally appear in my tale. She exhaled, closing her eyes briefly as she turned away.

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    She was small in stature. Her hands moved fast and she practically danced around the opposing team, showing huge skill as she dribbled the ball, not allowing a single person to steal it from her. She was wiping her forehead with a black bandana on her way over to Redeye, who stopped talking and watched her. Seven was biting back a grin. The girl joined them silently. Not to me, anyway. Your partner. The girls watched each other in silence. Chante said nothing.

    Did nothing. She thought about the way the girl seemed to know where the ball and the players would be even before they did. Chante looked away.

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    Now Carmela knew what she reminded her of. The scariest part about it was that Chante reminded her too much of herself. We need to backtrack. On the day that Kaidyn met Chris Black for first time, Redeye went to negotiate with the relatively new but notorious gang Ebony, who thought they could make themselves immortal if they became drug lords. Gangs in Torino weren't as frequent or as deadly as the neighbouring town, but I suppose that only meant that it was easy to rise to the top due to lack of competition. That said, I suppose that's why such a fuss was made about the Kiss Kiss Bandits, being the only named and recognised female legion in the neighbourhood.

    The outer walls were painted prettily; the front garden was freshly mowed; and a trio of boys lounged on the lawn in deck chairs smoking, chatting and doing jack all. Keep your head down and say nothing. She pulled the visor to the front. As long as no-one looked too hard at her face, they would never guess she was female. Carmela had only ever seen the shadows of this town, but you can learn a hell of a lot standing in the shadows — like how, as far as a lot of crews were concerned, the streets was no place for chicks unless they were prostitutes or plain stupid.

    Hey, man. Quick introductions were made; Cap Guy was actually the headman for Ebony, Ron. Shades and Peanut Head — Drury and Mario respectively — were other members of this little group. Din tried to keep the attention fixed on him as he spoke, but Ron held a fist out to Carmela even so. She kept her head down and made no move. Ron shrugged it off and dropped his hands, but stole curious glances at her.

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    Peanut-Head inquired about something, dropping his voice low. Kel sighed and shook his head. Who, you mean CT? Nothing to do with drugs though. Log out.

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