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Bad cause I feel like I want to hurl something in annoyance… Good since I badly need to see this series through to quench that frustration! View 1 comment. Prominent new characters were introduced, life-altering changes were made and tragic losses were endured. Everyone is fighting to gain possession of an 3. Everyone is fighting to gain possession of an ancient book which might hold some powerful information about the key to immortality without vampirism. Lorenzo is once again a dangerous and crazy thorn in everyone's side - seriously, this dude needs to get his, and soon!!

Gio and B are as crazy in love as ever, but they are struggling through some major disagreements, because B wants to become a vampire and soon, but Gio is adamantly against the change. Everyone's arguments and intentions are understandable but some sacrifices need to be made for the greater good. I'll admit that I'm not as fond of Beatrice as I once was.

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A lot of her behaviour in this book didn't sit right with me; she'd say one thing, but her actions would say another. For a character that once came across as fiercely dependent and wildly intelligent, she now seems stubborn and whiny more often than not, and she continually made TSTL decisions here, decisions that affected those around her in major ways.

Thankfully, I still adore me some Giovanni Vecchio. What a vamp-stud! His unwavering adoration for B is always a joy to read and it makes me all gooey inside every time he calls her Tesoro. I also really like his long-time bestie, Tenzin, although her famous ability to tell the future was seriously and conveniently lacking in this story.

What's the point in having an all-seeing vamp present all the time if she can't forewarn about the horrible shit that's about to happen?! Overall, I enjoyed this second sequel and look forward to reading the final story. View all 6 comments. Oh my God. I am still pulling myself together after finishing this book!

The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries, Book 3 (Unabridged)

Gio and Beatrice are now in China, having travelled to the seat of vampire politics to see the legendary Eight Immortals. They are joined by Baojia, Tenzin, and other new allies as their search for the mysterious book and the evil bad guy continues. This b Oh my God. This book has a number of massive shocks, some huge story development, and a climax that had me on the edge of my seat, frantically flipping pages, before shattering my heart into a million tiny pieces. Well played Elizabeth Hunter! The story is up and down.

I thought it lagged a little bit in the middle, with lots of time spent with Beatrice training, and not a whole lot of action, but all of the events towards the end of the book make up for that, and looking back at it now, it sets the scene really well for everything to come. I enjoyed getting to see more of the politics and intricacies of the vampire world.

And I loved getting to know Tenzin more. Her story is tragic, but I absolutely love her attitude, and the way she deals with everything that happens in the story is gold. She is a smartass with a massive heart, and her love for her friends and family is beautiful. Gio and Beatrice continue to be sensational together!

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And the gorgeous Gio is just as swoon-tastic as ever. Worth every worry, every pain. Her safety and security was everything to him. After five hundred years of existence, she had become the singular desire that animated his immortal life.

The writing is absolutely sensational - my emotions are still all over the place from all that happened, and the way it was all put onto the page… just superb! Starting now. View all 11 comments. Not as great as the first two but still a good installment in this series.

I did find Giovanni's tendency to lose all rational sense where Beatrice was concerned to be a bit tedious. I was gl Not as great as the first two but still a good installment in this series. I did tire a bit of her bravado when she clearly had no ability to win or even a plan. Their couplehood is solid so there's really nothing that I read as a real threat. Not even Baojia. I didn't see the point of the pseudo-flirtation with a triangle.

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I'm starting to want one of them to die in book 4, just to have the perverse thrill of the opposite or at least a very bittersweet, short union. I missed Carwyn's presence a lot and hope he's featured a lot in the final book. Everything about Tenzin is interesting, as always. I'm hoping Rome is the big deal in the last book, because Livia I think there's a story there. Overall, I enjoyed this one. It took me a little longer to get through than the others but that's probably because I know what I'm looking for in the resolution department and I want to get there already.

This book was better that the previous one but I still think that it needs a good editing, reducing it by a few hundred pages, mainly losing all the training and excersise sessions. That way the story will keep the pace and momentum of a mystery book. I must admit though that Elizabeth Hunter is the mistress of exciting and enthralling prologues and epilogues! There are triumphs and tears both in this excellent third installment of Elizabeth's Hunter's Elemental Mysteries.

The hunt for Beatrice's father and the coveted 'book' leads library researcher B further into Gio's vampire world - this time to the island of the Eight Great Immortals in the China homeland of ancient wind vampire Tensin — and to some of the answers that they seek. Over the course of the series we've witnessed the slowly growing relationship between B and Gio. So after all that they There are triumphs and tears both in this excellent third installment of Elizabeth's Hunter's Elemental Mysteries. So after all that they've gone through it is nice that, even though they don't exactly see eye to eye on the role that B wants to take in Gio's world, B's and Gio's relationship is finally solid.

And for those who have been waiting, there is a fair amount of very subtly done steamy stuff - though Hunter definitely subscribes to 'less is more' in that department which worked just fine for me. As much as I love B and Gio together, I also really like B's other relationships and this time we get more of her friendship with Tensin and as a result get to learn quite a bit more of Tensin's background. And another standout was one exceedingly cagey vamp whose brilliant maneuver was one of the high points of the book.

If I had one nit with B this time around, it would be that for such a smart character B places herself in danger several times, both wittingly and unwittingly, and it never ends well. I normally don't accept ARCs directly from an author, but The Force of the Wind was on my must buy list for March, so I just couldn't resist getting an early peek. And wow, there is so much that I liked about this book and, drat, so little that I can share without being spoilerish.

So even though I tried to keep to vague hints so as not to ruin the emotional journey, I can say that everything that has been building in the first two books comes together here and if you're like me you'll cheer, rage and grieve as the story unfolds and be counting the days until B and Gio's story and the mystery of the book wrap up in The Fall of Water which is slated for release in June of If you are new to Hunter's Hidden Mysteries you are really going to want to start at the beginning and read A Hidden Fire and This Same Earth before reading The Force of the Wind, because there isn't a lot of backtracking to bring new readers up to speed and there is a fair amount of character development and world building that was done in the previous books.

Also, if you are like me, you are going to want to read the two stories back to back - after finishing the first book I had to immediately buy the second book to see how thing played out between B and Gio - there is no HEA after the first book and B and Gio's relationship is still evolving even in this third book. ARC provided by the author. View all 9 comments. So much happens here.

Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart.

So much that we have been building toward! This feels like the culmination of a giant build that basically explodes off the page. You definitely want to start at the beginning. For sure, all of my residual angst from the events of the last book is gone.

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As the story begins, Gio and Beatrice are going strong. In fact, she i 4. In fact, she is working her butt off to get even stronger. There is so much action —especially in the second half— piled on top of mountains of intrigue. There are all of these vampire politics at play. Everyone has their own agenda.

There are sword fights and gunfire, torture and massacres. The pace only grows faster and there is no slowing down. The relationship between Beatrice and Gio, of course, is huge.

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They are perfect together here. It was all captivating. The best stuff, I think, actually came from just B by herself. She has grown so much. She learns so much about herself. She makes serious choices. She endures trials. And when all is said and done, she is stronger for it all in the end. I did miss most of the supporting characters like Carwyn, Caspar, and others.

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There were plenty of new characters, however, that were just as fascinating. And I want to know more about them all. Especially Baojia. There has got to be more going on there than we know about. My Beatrice and Giovanni: 3. Unfortunatelly, it was not as addictive as previous books in the series. I found it a little bit annoying that author had need write another male character romantically insterested in Beatrice It was stupid and not important for storyline at all.