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As you may have guessed, the internet and your website play a big part. Today, your website is your greatest tool to create business. These leads are people who come to your website, read your content, and decide to contact you for more information. Specific to B2B leads, these people are often near to making their purchase decision, have an idea of the size of their purchase, and already have a budget allocated.

You get leads when a site visitor fills out a contact information form, with their name, email address, and maybe a little bit more of their personal information, in exchange for more information, or subscription to your newsletters or email. Once you have those leads, you can focus on nurturing them, through targeted content, until they finally make their purchasing decision. There are two things that affect how many leads your B2B manufacturing website generates. The first is overall site traffic, so the amount of people who are coming to, and viewing your site.

The second is your conversion rate. This is the percentage of people that come to your site as viewers, and then convert to a lead. Your first step to more traffic is to create a website that looks beautiful, is user friendly, interactive, and mobile friendly. An upgraded website is also a good way to bump your ranking on Google. All you have to do is think of questions your clients ask you regularly, and answer those questions in a blog post.


Do your best to write posts that address specific pain points of your B2B manufacturing clients in a clear and thorough way. Additionally, make sure to incorporate SEO tactics into your blog writing process. Your best bet here is to focus each blog post around one keyword. Then, include that keyword into the blog in a way that seems natural. While you are trying to sell, no customer wants to read pages of marketing jargon that just talks about how great your company is.

They are wrong. Simply by participating in the conversations that other industry leaders and potential customers are already having on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you extend your online reach. The more people that see your ads, and read your helpful content, the more pathways you create for potential clients to navigate to your site. Another major part of lead generation is how many of your site viewers actually convert to leads. If you want a website that functions as a lead generation machine, then you have to have a good conversion rate.

And if you want a good conversion rate, you need calls-to-action. T he most important point is that they need to be everywhere. What you'll learn. You must be familiar with email, however, no specific software is required. Featured review. Jawad Khan 93 courses, 5 reviews.

Organisations need a regular infusion of inspiration, new ideas and advice.

Sales is all about building relationships. Establishing contact is one of the foremost step to ensure success. Patrick did a wonderful job to unfold the secret sauce for breaking the ice. I highly recommend this course to every entrepreneur and people involved in sales to learn the art of booking a meeting. Course content. Expand all 60 lectures An introduction on my credentials and how this course started!

About me: how this course came to be. Preview Introduction to prospecting and sending cold emails. Prospecting with Cold Emails Go over the importance of writing down your goals. Goal Setting. Here we'll learn two main types of prospecting with cold emails: whale hunting and fishing. Whale Hunting and Fishing. How to let up your prospecting schedule for your lead generation machine.

Prospecting Schedule. How to build your cold emailing hit list using google sheets or excel. Building Your Hit List. How to build your ideal customer profile. The most effective way to allocate your time when sending cold emails. Effort vs. How to use google to find companies to cold email. Mining Companies with Google.

How to use popular directory sites to find companies to cold email. Mining with Popular Directory Sites. How to find companies using conferences to cold email. Mining Conferences and Attendee Lists. Looking for companies to cold email using award winners. Mining Award Winners. How to use your personal network to find companies and people to cold email. Using Your Personal Network. How to use LinkedIn to mine for companies to email for your lead generation machine. Mining LinkedIn.

Step 1: Pick your Ideal Customers

How to locate online communities to find companies that fit your ideal customer profile. Online Communities. The importance of finding the right stakeholder at a company to send a cold email to. Why Finding the Correct Stakeholder is Important. How to use LinkedIn to identify stakeholders to add to your lead generation machine.

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Using a companies website to find stakeholders to add to your lead generation machine. Company Website. Using your personal network to find people to add to your lead generation machine. Personal Network. Using articles and press releases to identify stakeholders.

10 Awesome Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business in 2019

Articles and Press Releases. Why Email First.

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  • How to use Clearbit to find emails and add them to your lead generation machine. Intro on how to use mailster and emailgenerator.

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    Intro on how to use hunter. Thinking Like a Copywriter. Writing Effective Subject Lines. How to Address a Prospect. Personalizing your cold emails for your lead generation machine. How to Personalize Your Emails. How to format your cold emails for desktops and mobile devices. Format and Spacing. Why you should a company email for your cold emails and how to format your email signature.