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Todestag Friedrich Nietzsches vom August in Naumburg , ed.

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Jahrhundert , ed. Michael B. Robert E. On Novalis, see and ; cf. Novalis, Schriften , 6 vols. Paris: Gallimard, —8 , — For further discussion, see F. Sefler, The Existential vs. Allison, ed. Donald F. James D. Daniel W. Alexander Tille, 11 vols. London and Leipzig: Unwin, — Lester, Jr.

I - Modernism and the Challenge to the Real

Luce; Haskell House, Although Kaufmann has fallen out of favor in recent years, this study, along with the study entitled Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Buber , the second volume of his three-part account Discovering the Mind New Brunswick, NJ and London: Transaction, —92 — the other volumes are entitled Goethe, Kant, and Hegel and Freud, Adler, and Jung — are by no means without their value as introductory guides. And the hand of the Lord was with him Luke Nietzsche recalled: The thought of being separated for ever from my beloved father took hold of me, and I cried bitterly der Gedanke, mich immer von dem geliebten Vater getrennt zu sehn, ergriff mich und ich weinte bitterlich.

In the church I could hear the organ playing, as if there was a funeral. Then [ He hurries into the church and soon returns with a small child in his arms. The grave opens again, he steps in, and the stone covers up the opening. Immediately the roar of the organ falls silent, and I wake up.

Er eilt in die Kirche und kommt in kurzem mit einem kleinen Kinde im Arm wieder. Sogleich schweigt der rauschende Orgelschall und ich erwache. In , the Nietzsche household moved to Naumburg, where Nietzsche attended the local primary school, then a private institute run by Karl Moritz Weber, before attending the grammar school Gymnasium attached to the cathedral. When Franziska scolded him for getting completely soaked, he reminded her that, according to the school rules, pupils were forbidden to run home.

At least in the eyes of his family, Nietzsche was destined to be a church minister, and when he was fourteen he was sent to Schulpforta, the famous school that, among others, Klopstock and Fichte had attended. The older students were permitted to read for a further hour, until ten.

Another student at Schulpforta recalled: The whole thing was a brutal procedure [ At Schulpforta Nietzsche developed his love of classics, demonstrating remarkable proficiency in Greek and Latin. His passion for knowledge and learning was entirely genuine; and with fellow pupils Wilhelm Pinder — and Gustav Krug — , he founded a literary society called Germania. The ideals of Germania adumbrate his later thinking about the relevance of antiquity for modern life.

Here lies and here has always lain my hope for the Germans!

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KSA 11, 41[4], Surely, one of them said, no one could have really done that. Why do you say that?

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Another anecdote shows a surprisingly physical side to a pupil who, the rest of the time, was prone to being ill. A diary entry for records a swimming marathon, held with characteristically Schulpfortean military precision: the students marched in ranks down to the Saale, and, still in their groups, were ordered into the river. Once they had swum up the river, the students climbed out, their clothes — taken along in a boat — were returned to them, and the students marched back to the school.

But his school-leaving dissertation, Theognis as a Poet Theognis als Dichter , served as a reminder of what was now his real passion: classical philology. Already a sketch, dated 18 September , indicates the sense of doubt — and a concomitant sense of liberation — in the nineteen-year-old Nietzsche: And so the human being grows out of everything that used to embrace him; he does not need to break his shackles, for unexpectedly, when a god bids it, they fall away; and where is the ring that in the end still encircles him? Is it the world? Is it God? Ist es die Welt? Ist es Gott?

According to his sister Elisabeth differences of opinion in matters of religion led, not surprisingly, to increasing tensions between him and Franziska, his mother. Thus his change from theology to philology, undertaken in , formalized in curricular terms a switch of focus that had already taken place.

20th Century Religious Thought

What was Nietzsche like as a student in Bonn? He joined a Burschenschaft or student fraternity, called Frankonia, but soon tired of the traditional student predilection for alcohol or what he called their Biermaterialismus letter to Carl von Gersdorff, 25 May ; KSB 2, What about other traditional nineteenth-century pursuits? In German universities at this time, it was common practice to engage in dueling. One story relates how Nietzsche got to know a fellow student and discussed with him matters of art and literature, at the end of which Nietzsche asked the other whether he would fight a duel with him.

Although he had been struck, he seems that it was Nietzsche who was, in a more profound sense, satisfied ; and the resultant scar was judged to suit him well.

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As Nietzsche reportedly told Deussen, he suddenly found himself surrounded by half a dozen figures in jewelry and veils ein halbes Dutzend Erscheinungen in Flitter und Gaze , looking at him expectantly. Speechless, Nietzsche stood there, until he noticed a piano, the only thing with any soul among them das einzige seelenhafte Wesen in der Gesellschaft , toward which he instinctively moved and played a few chords.

Released from his paralysis, Nietzsche escaped. When his favorite lecturer, the great classical scholar Friedrich Ritschl —76 , moved from Bonn to Leipzig, Nietzsche decided to switch universities as well; as he told his sister and mother, he would also be closer to his friends in Naumburg and to them, and he looked forward to the cultural life of Leipzig letter of 29 May ; KSB 2, Nietzsche is here, too!

Ei da ist ja auch Herr Nietzsche! The second was the neo-Kantian philosopher and sociologist Friedrich Albert Lange —75 , whose account of materialism, Geschichte des Materialismus und Kritik seiner Bedeutung in der Gegenwart , he began reading in August As Roscher wryly remarked, Nietzsche abstained from drinking, smoking, and sex; but not coffee and cake.

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Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Nietzsche looms over modern literature and thought; according to Gottfried Benn, "everything my generation discussed, thought through innerly; one could say: suffered; or one could even say: took to the point of exhaustion -- all of it had already been said.

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Nietzsche, la culture française et l'Europe - Persée

This is due to the intermediary position held by archaeology, halfway between nature and culture. Essai sur les origines d'une restauration intellectuelle , Paris, Carandini , Archeologia e cultura materiale , Bari, Laurent Mucchielli , Mythes et histoire des sciences humaines , Paris, Harrold et Raymond A. Understanding Pseudoscientific Beliefs about the Past , Iowa, L'espace non-popperien du raisonnement naturel, Paris, Les usages sociaux des handicaps , Paris, Par quoi?

Par le cadre justement, fait d'acteurs qui ne sont pas humains. Non, nous nous transportons simplement aux lieux et aux temps de la conception du cadre. Vincent , J. Morel , P.

Gros , D. Ozanam , A. Tchernia , Y.