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Character description in Maximum Ride young adult fiction book series by James Patterson. Maximum "Max" Ride is the leader of the 'flock'. In the first book, she is 14 but turns 15 in Fang.

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She has sun-streaked brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is 5'8", a little over 90lbs with a wingspan of 13 feet.

Her wings are tan with brown spots, and her primary feathers are streaked black and white. She strives to make the flock happy, and when they face challenges, she feels as if she has to protect them. They are all often viewed as her children, though Max sometimes forgets that she is not much older than the rest of them. In MAX Max talks with Fang in a hotel after talking to him about Nudge wanting to cut her wings off, she holds her fear and stays. Later the Flock meets Dylan who, according to Dr. Gunther-Hagen, is Max's "perfect another half". Max begins to feel an attraction for Dylan.

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In Angel , she and Dylan grow closer, confusing her feelings about Fang, who begins to grow closer with Maya, who is Max's clone. Max is one of the two members of the Flock who found her parents; Iggy is the other. Yet she is the only one to love her parents, Iggy leaving his after only a week or so because he thought they were using him.

She was stunned when she learned that Jeb Batchelder a "white coat" who helped them escape from the school and then raised them is her father. Valencia Martinez is her biological mother. Max trusts Dr.

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Martinez completely, but remains wary of Jeb. She is also close to her half-sister, Dr. Martinez' daughter Ella.

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Max dislikes and feels pity for Ari Jeb's son , with whom she is constantly fighting until he joins her "mini-flock" that was created in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports for a short time after rescuing them from the School. A short while after Ari is rescued from the School, he expires "white coat" word for died. After Ari's "death" the two mini-flocks created by Max and Fang come back together.

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It is then that Jeb is revealed as Max's father, making Ari her half-brother; however, she'd already considered him as her "brother-in-law" while trapped in the dungeon with man-eating monsters. Max has a Voice in her head, which gives her cryptic messages that she sometimes disregards. She initially feared that it was an enemy inside her, or someone from the School tracking the Flock.

At one point Max believes the Voice to be Jeb Batchelder's; she is later disappointed when he assures her he is not the voice, but he can be. In Nevermore , it is revealed that Angel is Max's voice, and doesn't believe it. In Angel , Max lets Dylan replace Fang. She was angry that Fang replaced her with her clone, and she figured out the clone's name was Maya. Also, Fang created a new "flock" with all kinds of new talents.

This deeply pains Max. There is also the doomsday group. They put a strange spell-like hypnosis on people so they act like zombies and believe in nothing but the "One Light". So, Max's flock and Fang's gang are forced to work together. Max and Fang fight almost nonstop, so this plan was not a success.

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In the end, Angel goes missing after a huge explosion, which pains Max a great deal. Nonetheless, Max and Fang end up kissing each other passionately at the end of Nevermore. Throughout a few of the books before this one, Max and Angel were somewhat at odds; after Angel goes missing and then is found in Nevermore , she and Max's relationship is stronger and better. Max also has the ability to fly extremely fast, her top speed at roughly — miles per hour verified by the Director through a microchip in her arm , or over miles per hour in a fast dive.

Unlike any other member of the Flock except for Fang - this may be because in School's Out--Forever , Max donated her blood to Fang; afterwards, he says he is experiencing the same heat waves that Max suffered from before she gained her supersonic flight abilities.

List of Maximum Ride characters

In MAX , it turns out she also has gills like Angel. Fang is a year-old avian-human hybrid turns 15 in Fang , and second-in-command of the Flock. He is tall, with olive skin, dark eyes, and black hair. Fang has black feathers and a wingspan of 14 feet. He is generally quiet, rarely showing his emotions the "strong and silent type" Fang has the ability to seemingly "disappear" by blending in with dark backgrounds camouflage or just in a regular area invisibility as long as he stays quiet and makes no sudden movements.

His good-looking features and past relationship with Max helps her to fall in love with him.

Hazel Bylsma

This happens in Max. Fang has romantic feelings for Max, as shown when they a couple of times, which makes Max confused. Max keeps pushing Fang away but he never gives up on her. Finally, Max doesn't run away from Fang when they make-out in the desert, and they become an item. She kisses Fang before she goes underwater to save Dr. Martinez, expressing her love for him.

He was taken by the School as a baby shortly after he was born. Fang eventually learns that his mother was a teenager when he was born and that she had been told he had died prior to being taken. Later, at the end of the book, the Flock regrouped. Angel correctly predicts that Fang will be the first to die in Fang , but Max revives him by injecting his heart with adrenaline.

He leaves in the second epilogue because he thinks he is endangering the Flock by distracting Max from her role as leader. He lets her know numerous times in a letter that he loves her more than anything, and leaves Max a promise ring.

Meeting dr hazel how to invoke angels

He says to her that if they are both still alive in 20 years and the world was still in one piece, he will meet her at the top of the cliff where they met the hawks in The Angel Experiment. When Maya first arrives, he thinks this is a bad idea, making it even harder to be apart from Max, but he soon starts to notice differences and recognizes Maya as a unique individual.

He also mentions several times that he has felt attracted to her. Meanwhile, he is jealous of Dylan, who loves Max. He almost accepts him toward the end, saying that "he is trying to be a team player. In Maximum Ride Forever, Fang leaves when the flock decided to split up. He travels to North America, trying to find a girl who posted something on his blog. Fang soon has to fight erasers and comes across Dylan. Dylan tries to save him, but blacks out. Fang than has to fight off a few erasers.

They tear off his left wing before being killed.