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She conducts research on gender, ageing and work. She undertakes research on critical age studies and on organisational ageing. Her research focuses on the intersections between gender and age in employment. Is 70 the new 60? By Sarah Vickerstaff , John C. Baldock , Jennifer Cox and Linda Keen.

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Preview — Happy Precarity by Federico Campagna. Seth Wheeler Editor. As opposed to the generation of their parents, young people today perceive and experience precarity not as liberating line of flight from the constraint of bourgeois life, but as the painful state of being progressively rejected from the safety net of the middle class, into the new, enormous, expanding global lower class. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 11 pages. More Details Friend Reviews.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Why should that be? The lies were told, the hatred was stirred up, and we know the rest. No working class credentials here, immigrant from middle class academic background. However, I married into a working class family here — not racist, intelligent and knowledgeable, Labour supporting but worried about immigration.

Almost all backed brexit — to control borders, to bring back sovereignty, EU too right wing, too business oriented, un-democratic, authoritarian. I discuss with them but it never gets anywhere as nobody really wants to fall out. If there had never been a referendum, or if had required a super majority, or had been the other way, they would have carried in with their lives without looking back. They are not avid news followers, are not aware of the great complexities in our path and buy into the idea that the EU is punishing us for leaving.

I despair.

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We need political leadership now more than ever and neither May nor Corbyn seem to have the slightest idea where we should be going and how. I see icebergs ahead, but no one is on watch.

KG The civil service largely voted to Remain. Most Parliamentary MPs voted to Remain. The urban media class largely voted to Remain. But the shambolic and obsessive progress of the government in trying to deliver some sort of workable Brexit deal has not resulted in any real progress towards addressing inequality. Rather, it has provided a useful smokescreen to avoid any action.

In fact, given the tendency in the UK well England anyway to vote for right of centre political parties more often than left of centre parties, then the chances of addressing social inequality when we have further distanced ourselves from the European socialist movement becomes more unlikely. It is conceivable that in years political historians will see the Brexit vote as the beginning of a long-term realignment away from the consensus of the Major-Blair-Brown-Cameron years, with the unexpected success of Jeremy Corbyn in GE as the first fruits of this.

If the Brexit vote had gone the other way I suppose it is most likely that Cameron would still be prime minister, there would have been no GE in , and Corbyn would be clinging on to the Labour leadership, doing badly in the polls and at war with most of the parliamentary Labour Party.

Conceivable, but not necessarily true. The left and academics have long given up on the idea that working class people are the ones who have most to gain from building a better society — the agents of history. Instead they prefer to see the working class as either passive victims of the system to be pitied or given sympathy. If they dare to assert themselves against middle class interests then they are attacked as racists, misogynists, aggressive and stupid and unqualified to judge or vote.

If Brexit is just a tiny glimpse of what to come then brace yourselves for much more squarking from the headless chickens. Thank you to Lisa for this article especially as it relates to the Midlands and to you for this comment.

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It really does anger me that the children I taught and their parents are accused of racism by people who have never stepped foot in one of these estates. I also know first hand from my knowledge of the British education system how shortchanged the working class have been educationally for almost 50 years, with progressive educational methods leading to poor outcomes. The left has done as much damage to the prospects of the poorest in the s and s as the right did in the s economically. We have in the education system slowly been uncovering the way that left-wing progressive methods have themselves been the reason why so many working class have failed to learn to read and write.

The educational outcomes are the product of multiple factors but the loss is greatest in terms of being able to read. Your parents watched their parents run in the same circle, at the same speed and getting nowhere fast. Making minimum progress with maximum effort, all the while the only thing that changes are the salaries MPs get at our expense.

Work hard, they said once upon a time, and then it became work harder and for what? To continue scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to make ends meet? Having the ability to buy a washing machine without falling into debt is a luxury now, as is being able to afford school uniforms, bus fare, buy food, electricity, gas and keep a small car bought out of the yellow Ads paper for as cheap as possible.

The government have ignored protests, pish-poshed marches and outright laughed in the face of every single and much needed nurse in the country. The amount of obfuscation Parliament uses to dodge questions is sickening, reporters never call them out now that the media is Right Wing LTD, and this is a very dangerous time for the working class.

Disabled and those with mental health have suffered greatly under this vicious government, with a death toll in triple figures and a level of treatment that warranted an investigation by the United Nations. Voting brings us nothing but more pain and only when we finally, finally work up the courage to start braying down the doors of Parliament with the demand that the governments stop causing it, will that pain come to an end.

When there are fights in Tescos car parks over basic food stuffs which have either run out or are limited because of disrupted supply chains, and when even the good manufacturing jobs have gone because companies have simply relocated to the EU, and when poles and Romanians decide to fight back rather than endure the abuse, maybe people who voted leave will take seriously the idea that, yes, they will be worse off after brexit.

Cross-National Perspectives

Manufacturing relocate to the e. Makes me chuckle. I can return to the uk tommorrow put a cv out and get 4 job offers in manufacturing within 24 hrs. I can go to france put a cv out, and be struggling to get anything in 6 months.

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I have lived extensively in Europe and the uk is good for manufacturing jobs. More doom and gloom. Any chasms, sink holes all over the south coast or swarms of locusts in view? Good manufacturing stays in the uk because the uk is good at it. Thats the truth. Ask them, they will tell you.

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Supply chains can be adapted and this is happening today. Do you think the companys are waiting fgor t minus 5 to do it? Yeah yeah yeah the uk will sink without millions of eastern europeans on 5. It is a divided working class, not only because other reports like the JRF suggest so, but also because they would be divided even if they voted all with one single mind.

Giving them a voice as the marginalised, in this context, is to assume a unity of the Crown and People. In cities like Liverpool did not happen, there there is a refusal of the racism of the sun. The narrative of The Nation does not apply to the whole working class, as this ethnography at end suggests. How did LSE academics manage to come up with a survey which defies the laws of supply and demand in the labour market and found that Eastern European migration had minimal effect on workers? Did they take into account the fact that many temporary and agency workers are easy to undercut despite being in a union — and did they differentiate between those in a unionised workplace and those not?

It seems to me that Brexit was about the working class trying to end the free movement sytem that had unemployed, undercut and otherwise undermined many of them. Whilst deindustrialisation has robbed many communities of their sources of employment the EU has allowed for certain new industries and sources of employment to emerge, though for some casualization, low pay and poor conditions are certainly an issue.

There is also the point that many of the issues that face the working class, from lack of housing to employment opportunities, will not necessarily be addressed if the UK leaves the EU.

I relocated when when I needed to for work and have re-skilled several times. Virtually none of the repeated slurs on foreigners are true, with many reports saying that there has been only a positive effect on the economy from them. Could there be an element of nationalism involved?

And dare I suggest that Scottish nationalism tends to be benign and pro EU whilst English nationalism does not?

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The two largest parties in England are not pro EU. Again, that might have something to do with the vote. Such a pity then that there was such a fan of delusion at the head of the Labour Party to assist the establishment with their aims. It would be worth comparing the Scottish working class experience with a similar area that de-industrialised in England and see what the political differences meant for the vote in the referendum?