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Regardless of whether or not you are painting landscapes , this is a good read for artistic advice and direction. His philosophy is that you can't teach "art", but that you can teach the technical skills intrinsic to all good art.

John Carlson - Painting Breakdown #03

He describes not only the technical aspect, but the emotional and artistic dimensions as well. He talks about developing an "accumulation of emotions" that can help sort out the plethora of data nature throws at us to develop an idea or sense of the scene to paint. I was an art major in college, and I wish I would have had read this back in school. It has a lot of very helpful ways of thinking about one's painting. Quotes: "We must have design in a picture even at the expense of truth. You are using nature for your artistic needs. Think of the bearing of such ranges of color and harmonies upon the main idea of our picture.

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Only, think with your heart! It is but one degree in the giant arc of eternity. Your picture must look like all the woods that ever grew, otherwise it is but a shell. Do not be a tourist-painter. In other words, he brings an idea to the motif before him or, you might say, the motif gives him an idea what his idea is.

Guide to Landscape Painting (Dover Art Instruction)

If you approach nature without some idea, she is merciless in the way in which she piles lumber in your way. Apr 06, Ameen rated it it was amazing. Apr 04, Ljubica rated it it was amazing Shelves: art-technique. Carlson just says it like it is. This is what art practice is all about; no happy mistakes; no fluffy remarks A must for every artist's reference library. Dec 27, Utahpainter added it Recommends it for: realist painters. Easy how to book covers the basics of landscape painting. Jul 01, Vincent Sargenti rated it it was amazing.

You just can't beat this book. Listen, what teacher tells his students to consider the weight balance of a mountain when painting a landscape. This man is truly brilliant and his work has obviously stood the test of time because of it.

Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

Carlos's Guide is one of the most important books any painter could ever study. It's not only a must-read, it is vital the development of a painter's skills.. This book will become a yearly read for me to refresh the topics and absorb all that Carlson teaches. I found myself pausing, rereading a line to grasp fully what he was saying.

Many quotations of wisdom can be found within this book. I'm sure to make many mistakes in my own art journey but that is the joy in the learning. Hard to read in places, beautiful to read in others. Sep 29, Cori Dyson rated it it was amazing. This book is amazing! If you want to paint landscapes, then this is a must have. Carlson condenses his knowledge and experience into a well written guidebook.

I am new to landscape painting and I'm re-reading it now. I plan to keep re-reading it as long as I paint. He discusses some techniques, but mostly philosophy mixed with some science on painting landscapes. His insights are remarkable and still relevant today. His writing style may seem stiff to most, but since it was written in the twenti This book is amazing!

His writing style may seem stiff to most, but since it was written in the twenties, it is to be expected.

cudenpercsen.tk What is interesting is that the content remains relevant. How many books written in the first part of the twentieth century have remained relevant? I appreciate that he includes only black and white pictures in the book. This helps the reader to see the values easier, which is very important to landscape painting. He spends quite a bit of time discussing values and how to make sure your values are correct. This is a must have for any landscape painter and should be considered for all painters.

Apr 08, Michael A. Anyone who has dealt with the finishing of a picture would certainly concur on this point. Carlson's is a no-nonsense guide to painting that has much useful material. True, he disdains much of what has marked the twentieth century in its artistic endeavors, but this is a book that should be read not only for its practical advice, but as a histori "It requires grit to be a spontaneous finisher," so writes Carlson in chapter twelve, The Main Line and Theme, of his short book on landscape painting.


True, he disdains much of what has marked the twentieth century in its artistic endeavors, but this is a book that should be read not only for its practical advice, but as a historic document for what it reveals about early twentieth concerns in painting. Carlson, who lived from to , was born in Sweden and moved with his family to America when he was only nine. He is rightly grouped with the American Impressionists, and even a cursory glance at his paintings will reveal that he was a solid painter who took obvious delight in what he did as an artist.

Pretty decent landscape book. Although it does start to get a little high minded where he is repeating base principals over and over again in different ways He does have an interesting chapter on painting trees and clouds. This in itself is probably worth the price of the book. Overall, a good book, but not as good as Andrew Loomis "the eye of the painter". Jul 10, Vishal B rated it really liked it. A must read for all the artists. While reading I could sense the wisdom of the author flowing to me with the words he spoke.

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Each and every chapter is incorporated with lots and lots of detailed observational points and how one may choose to steer ahead in making a painting. Not an easy read toughIf required read twice, thrice or 'n' number of times until the statement is clear.