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Improved 3- omega measurement of thermal conductivity in liquid, gases, and powders using a metal-coated optical fiber. A generalized n-layer concentric cylindrical periodic heating solution that accounts for thermal boundary resistance is presented. Improved sensitivity to boundary conductance is recognized through this model. We fully reconstruct these modes using a measurement of the missing energy and momentum in each event to infer the neutrino momentum.

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Understanding an ecosystem and how humans impact it requires a multidisciplinary perspective and immersive, experiential learning is an exceptional way to achieve understanding. We took a multi-disciplinary approach in choosing the curriculum. We focused on the ecology of the islands and surrounding coral reefs as well as the environmental impacts humans are having on the islands.

Additionally, we included geology and both local and natural history. Our teaching was supplemented by the BIOS staff and local tour guides.

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The student learning was integrated and reinforced through student-led video projects. Groups of three students were tasked with creating a minute video appropriate for a public audience. We selected video topics based upon locations we would visit in the first week and topics were randomly assigned.

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The project intention was for the students to critically analyze and evaluate an area of Bermuda that is a worthwhile tourist destination. Students presented why a tourist should visit a locale, the area's ecological distinctiveness and complexity, the impact humans are having, and ways tourists can foster stewardship of that locale.

These projects required students to learn how to make and edit videos, collaborate with peers, communicate a narrative to the public, integrate multi-disciplinary topics for a clear, whole-system perspective, observe the environment from a critical viewpoint, and interview local experts. The students produced the videos within the two-week period, and we viewed the videos as a group on the last day. The students worked hard, were proud of their final products, and produced excellent videos. They enjoyed the process, which provided them opportunities to collaborate, show individual strengths, be creative, and work independently of the instructors.

Extracting the Omega - electric quadrupole moment from lattice QCD data. Therefore the Omega - magnetic moment is very accurately known. Nevertheless, its electric quadrupole moment was never measured , although estimates exist in different formalisms. In principle, lattice QCD simulations provide at present the most appropriate way to estimate the Omega - form factors, as function of the square of the transferred four-momentum, Q2, since it describes baryon systems at the physical mass for the strange quark. In this work we reproduce the lattice QCD data with a covariant spectator quark model for Omega - which includes a mixture of S and two D states for the relative quark-diquark motion.

Omega report: energy policy. The Adam Smith Institute's Omega Project was conceived to fill a significant gap in the field of public policy research. Administrations entering office in democratic societies are often aware of the problems which they face, but lack a well-developed range of policy options. The Omega Project was designed to create and develop new policy initiatives, to research and analyze these new ideas, and to bring them forward for public discussion in ways which overcame the conventional shortcomings.

The organization of the Project is described. The results are presented in sections entitled: energy supplies and policy; the gas industry; North Sea oil; the coal industry; the electricity industry; nuclear energy; renewable and alternative fuel sources; energy conservation. Omega -3 fiskeolie. Af mulige virkningsmekanismer viser In the design and construction of precast bridge structures, a general goal is to achieve the maximum possible span length.

Often, the weight of individual beams makes them difficult to handle, which may be a limiting factor in achieving the desired span. The concrete shell with prestressed strands is fitted with a non-stressed tendon already in the casting yard and is more easily transported and installed on the site. The shells are subsequently completed with mild steel reinforcement and cores are cast in situ together with the deck. Frequency comparisons with different transmissions has been going on for several years.

In this paper, the measuring method used for frequency comparison by means of Omega transmission system between Liberia 12 kHz A study of tau decays involving eta and omega mesons. Muerhoff, A. The mechanism of induction during pregnancy of a rabbit lung prostaglandin omega -hydroxylase cytochrome P has been investigated. This activity has been demonstrated to be induced over fold in day pregnant rabbits, as compared to nonpregnant rabbits. Elucidation of the level of induction involved extraction of RNA from rabbit lungs obtained at various days of gestation followed by in vitro translation of the RNA in the presence of 35 S-methionine.

The mass of the omega meson is found to be Mev with a width, predominated by three-meson pi decay mode, estimated to be less than 4 Mev. Nanova, M. A comparison with recent calculations is given. The huge superconducting magnet 3 m inside coil diameter, 2 m gap, 18 kGauss contains a large number of optical spark chambers partly surrounding a hydrogen target which is hit by the beam entering from behind. The half cylindrical aluminium hut houses eight television cameras viewing the spark chambers from the top.

The big gas Cerenkov counter in front of the picture 6 m x 4 m x 3 m which identifies fast forward particles was constructed at Saclay as a contribution of one of the Omega.

Bermuda as an evolutionary life raft for an ancient lineage of endangered lizards. Full Text Available Oceanic islands are well known for harboring diverse species assemblages and are frequently the basis of research on adaptive radiation and neoendemism. However, a commonly overlooked role of some islands is their function in preserving ancient lineages that have become extinct everywhere else paleoendemism. The island archipelago of Bermuda is home to a single species of extant terrestrial vertebrate, the endemic skink Plestiodon formerly Eumeces longirostris. The presence of this species is surprising because Bermuda is an isolated, relatively young oceanic island approximately km from the eastern United States.

Here, we apply Bayesian phylogenetic analyses using a relaxed molecular clock to demonstrate that the island of Bermuda , although no older than two million years, is home to the only extant representative of one of the earliest mainland North American Plestiodon lineages, which diverged from its closest living relatives This implies that, within a short geological time frame, mainland North American ancestors of P.

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Thus, our analyses reveal that Bermuda is an example of a "life raft" preserving millions of years of unique evolutionary history, now at the brink of extinction. Threats such as habitat destruction, littering, and non-native species have severely reduced the population size of this highly endangered lizard. Mutation breeding of vegetatively propagated turf and forage Bermuda grass. They cannot be improved by conventional breeding methods. Attempts to improve them by treating short dormant rhizome sections with EMS failed but exposing them to kR of gamma radiation produced mutants.

These have been evaluated at Tifton, and Beltsville, Maryland, and nine that appear to be better than the parents in one or more characteristics were planted in 8 x 10 m plots in triplicate in Test results to date suggest that one or more of these will be good enough to warrant a name and release to the public. Since , several million sprigs of Coastcross-1 have been exposed to 7 kR and have been planted and screened for winter survival at the Georgia Mountain Experiment Station.

Chlorophyll-deficient mutants have appeared and one mutant slightly, but significantly, more winter hardy than Coastcross-1 has been obtained. Sprigs of this mutant named Coastcross 1-M3 are being irradiated and screened in an attempt to increase its winter hardiness. All the channels under study contain photons in the final state.

Precise determination of photons energies is essential for accurate measurement of the decays branching fractions. So, an auxiliary task was a regular calibration of the LHCb electromagnetic calorimeter with neutral pions. Attention has been paid to the research and development on the group partition and annihilation disposal technology which separates long life radioactive nuclides, rare stable nuclides and so on in high level radioactive wastes and utilizes those for respective suitable uses, or which searches for the possibility of promoting the nuclear disintegration of long life radioactive nuclides, as the basic research aiming at the further development of atomic energy.

The outline of the project and the international circumstances surrounding it are described. In the high level radioactive wastes generated from the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, the alpha and beta-gamma radionuclides having long life are contained.

Consequently, it is necessary to isolate them from human environment for very long period, and the basic method is the glass solidification and the disposal in deep strata, therefore the technical development has been advanced. The OMEGA project was decided in October, , and the course of the research carried out so far, the international cooperation and the subjects of research and development are reported. In the mass region 1. Omega -3 fatty acids upregulate adult neurogenesis. Omega -3 fatty acids play crucial roles in the development and function of the central nervous system.

These components, which must be obtained from dietary sources, have been implicated in a variety of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. Furthermore, the presence of omega -6 fatty acids may interfere with omega -3 fatty acid metabolism. The present study investigated whether changes in dietary ratios of omega omega -6 fatty acids influence neurogenesis in the lobster Homarus america Omega -3 index and prognosis in acute coronary chest pain patients with a low dietary intake of omega To assess the ability of the omega -3 index to predict all-cause mortality, cardiac death and sudden cardiac death following hospitalization with an acute coronary syndrome ACS , and to include arachidonic acid AA in risk assessment.

Clinical endpoints were collected during a 5-year follow-up period, median 3. Stepwise Cox regression analysis was employed to compare the rate of new events in the quartiles of the omega -3 index measured at inclusion. Multivariable analysis was performed.

No statistical significant differences in baseline characteristics were noted between quartiles of the omega -3 index. The median of the adjusted omega -3 index was 3.

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During the follow-up period, Event rates were similar in all quartiles of the omega -3 index, with no statistical significant differences. AA added no prognostic information.

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In a population with a low intake of fish and fish oils, the adjusted omega -3 index did not predict fatal events following hospitalization in patients with acute chest pain and suspected ACS. Mergers as an Omega estimator. The redshift dependence of the fraction of galaxies which are merging or strongly interacting is a steep function of Omega and depends on the ratio of the cutoff velocity for interactions to the pairwise velocity dispersion.

The index m has a relatively weak dependence on the maximum merger velocity, the mass of the galaxy, and the background cosmology, for small variations around a cosmology with a low redshift, z of about 2, of galaxy formation. Estimates of m from optical and IRAS galaxies have found that m is about , but with very large uncertainties. If quasar evolution follows the evolution of galaxy merging and m for quasars is greater than 4, then Omega is greater than 0. Identical calculation models are used for the three codes.

The results are compared mutually and with the experimental criticality of the assemblies.